Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reader submissions

The Stupid Heart Rhythms blog appears to have gained a little bit of fame here recently, and a few new readers. Thank you all for helping to promote awareness of this really, really irritating marketing trend.

In addition to the Days When I am Not a Nurse blog, we have also been linked by the ECG Guru. The Guru apparently shares my obsessive compulsion passion for this topic.

We also have a few reader submissions of bad EKGs:

This tattoo would be the banner on this blog if not for copyright laws (don't forget to rate his ink)

This is just disappointing, and

This is a good necklace to get your wife [if you hate her]


  1. Just wanted to submit one more ECG abomination. Have you ever wondered how to create an animated cardiac rhythm? Well don't expect to learn from this so-called tutorial. This is just one of a total of 15 such tutorials that I found on the internet and unfortunately none of them look even remotely realistic. This one is also animating in the wrong direction from right to left.

  2. That tattoo! Well, i suppose death IS just a heart beat away when you're in afib and you're not properly anticoagulated...


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