Monday, October 28, 2013

Rookie Moves and Facepalm moments

One of my very first calls ever I leaned over a chair to read the labels on some medication bottles sitting on a desk, and poked myself in the short ribs with an unsheathed saber which was leaning pointy end up against the chair. Who leans their sword against a chair? C'mon...

Tonight I couldn't figure out why my narcan wasn't working until I realized I had turned off the valve on the IV line ::facepalm::  

Post your rookie moves and facepalm moments in the comments section to make me feel better.


  1. Patient with chest tube started complaining of anxiety and trouble breathing. Got the team involved and in the patient's room (RT, pulmonologist, cardiothorasic surgeon's PA, charge RN, etc) and it wasn't till the CXR showed a pnumothorax on the side with the chest tube that we realized the tube was kinked. Fixed it and the patient magically started feeling better.
    ...and I'll never make that mistake again. :)


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