Saturday, January 11, 2014


I dropped off a patient at a hospital yesterday, and one of the ER nurses was wearing a t-shirt that said "Emergency Specialist" with a terrible EKG scrawled across the front. I asked where I could buy one, but she said they made them for nurse appreciation week. Anyway, I couldn't get a picture of that for you because there is no non-creepy way to ask a woman if it's okay to take a photo of her chest. So the search for bad EKGs continued.


I was going through some difficult financial times a couple years ago, working 1.5X full time at one ambulance job for low wages, and trying at the speed of government to get reciprocity into an adjacent state for a second full time ambulance job, when I received a completely unsolicited job offer from a physician to perform nuclear stress tests for him at a hospital. This was a great honor for me, and the money would have made life significantly easier.

Well, the nursing union blocked me, a non-nurse, from working inside the hospital. I expected that to happen, and I wasn't really upset about it. But recently a couple of the nurses thought it was cool to openly mock me about this. Then their union put these signs up all around town.

I think that's fair.

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