Thursday, April 17, 2014

Date Night RUINED

This SHR reader submission comes from Nurse Anna, whose date night with her husband was COMPLETELY RUINED when they saw this nauseating display of medical absurdity:

I gather this vehicle belongs to some type of CPR and EMT training company. The underlying rhythm appears to be sinus, with junctional escape beats and frequent multifocal PVCs. The rhythm then terminates into some type of agonal crap up around the front passenger door panel. While this rhythm appears to have features which are technically correct, why anyone would pick the most diseased, post ROSC, death rattle sequence of malignant ectopy to represent their medical training business is beyond me. If you own this company, whoever you are, you owe Anna and Mo a gift card to Sizzler or something you horrible, horrible person.

UPDATE: And buy some new tires for that thing. They're down to the wear bars for crying out loud.

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