Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sniff Test

After speaking with some of my colleagues in the EMS community about my concerns with the Every 15 Minutes Program, it was brought to my attention that students at some schools are also shown a video, called Graduation Day, of a real drunk driving crash. Narrated by Dan Rather, the movie was allegedly filmed by the students themselves.

I watched the video. It didn't pass the sniff test. Turns out this is also a fabrication.

From the article Reality-style film delivers message: Don't drink and drive
"After coming home, Carmen and I started talking about the idea for the film," Bob Pack recalled. "Every 15 Minutes programs cost about $15,000; very few high schools can afford them, and they are very time-consuming, a two-day event." 
Since he is a USC alumnus, Pack approached its graduate school of film and talked to the dean about his proposed project. Two students stepped forward to volunteer - producer Rebecca Brown and director Andrew Gallery. They hired actors to play the teenagers and other characters. 
"We shot it reality style so they could see, 'Hey, that's exactly what we do and that could be the consequences,'" said Pack. 
They filmed the movie last April in Southern California and edited it during the summer. Because they presented the video documentary style, they knew they needed a host, preferably someone well-known. 
"We thought of some names and started making phone calls to New York anchor types," recalled Pack. "Rebecca talked to different people, and we got a call back from the agent for Dan Rather."

Real life is horrible enough on its own, and now we live in an age where cameras are abound. Why do we have so much contempt for young people that we refuse to tell them the truth and show them the real thing? Here are just a few examples I found very quickly on LiveLeak:

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