Saturday, February 14, 2015

EKG Primer for Marketers Part II

This is a continuation in a primer series. Click here for part I.

In this part of the EKG Primer for Marketers we will cover one often misused rhythm of a heart that is not functioning properly.

Einstein pretty much sums it up for us. If your rhythm looks like a bunch of Vs linked together it's a sure sign that you shouldn't buy green bananas. The rhythm is called ventricular tachycardia.

This may be what you're going for, but more often than not I see marketers attempting to use this type of pattern where they shouldn't. Ventricular tachycardia is a malignant arrhythmia, which means you will die soon if it is not corrected. If your intent is to demonstrate that your product is one that is strong and healthy, this is not the rhythm to use. 

Some people can have a pulse with this rhythm and go for several days without realizing it. Some do not. If no pulse is present, this is one of the rhythms a medical professional would shock with a defibrillator. If a pulse is present but the patient's vital signs are unstable, they may be sedated and given a different type of shock called a synchronized cardioversion. If you are making a TV show or writing a book where you want this to happen, it appears the same as a defibrillation shock, except you must press one extra button on the monitor so it can shock with the proper timing. There may also be a fraction of a second delay between pressing the shock button and the shock being delivered. Patients who have a pulse but also have stable vital signs can receive antiarrhythmic medications to reverse this rhythm. 

As always, as my public service to you I will review without charge any EKG or EMS related marketing materials, book covers, or video clips for things that could cause your viewers in the medical field to hemorrhage from their eyes. Email me at drew[dot]rinella[at]
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