Monday, July 20, 2015


As a service to the public I provide free consulting services for those wishing to use EKGs in their artwork, advertisements, or tattoos. As a person with a cursory understanding of EKG waveform I should be able to tell you if your EKG looks normal or not. To take advantage of my services email drew.rinella [at]

It amazes me how nonchalant people can be when it comes to choosing a tattoo that will be PERMANENTLY ETCHED INTO THEIR FLESH FOREVER. I had a coworker once who got the Japanese Kanji for "peace" or some other such vapid concept tattooed onto her arm, only to find out later that it was backwards.

A few days ago SHR received its first consulting gig. The email from CL reads:

I like this design. Minus the words. I would add my sons name and dates . How would you fix this?

To which I replied:

Hello! I agree that tattoo would be an awesome way to celebrate your son, however the EKG present is not one that the human heart would naturally produce. If a human heart somehow did produce that EKG, I would advise that person not to buy green bananas.

The distance between beats looks acceptable. The beats themselves should look like this: 

Here is a picture of a normal sinus rhythm on monitor printer graph paper: 

Feel free to send over any EKG tattoo that you sketch out and I will be happy to check it for accuracy.

Thank you!

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