Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bad Foreign Language EKG Tattoos

I found a few bad EKG tattoos with captions in languages foreign to me, so I have taken it upon myself to interpret these for you based on my years of experience watching Bruce Lee films.

This one reads in Ancient Gaelic: "Please euthanize me, for I was too dumb to check a book before getting this horrible tattoo".

This tattoo incorporates the popular French colloquial phrase "I love fou".

I'm not very good with latin, but I believe "carpe diem" means "carpet layer", because that's the only job you're ever going to get wearing a tattoo like that. 

"I'm going to die soon."

Stop! Before you get something stupid inked onto your body forever please email your EKG tattoo sketch to me at drew.rinella [@] and I will help you fix yourself. I provide this public service for free.

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