Sunday, October 9, 2016

El Presidente

My friend recently asked me about a good shooting drill that could be used to gauge one's ability with a pistol. The El Presidente drill came to mind.

El Presidente was created by Jeff Cooper. You start with your back to three silhouette targets, about 10 yards away. On the buzzer you spin around, draw from concealment, and place two shots into each silhouette, then reload with retention and place two more shots into each silhouette.

I like the El Presidente because it is readily adapted to whatever you wish to practice. You can add targets, change targets, change hands, move up, or move back as needed. Despite its simplicity the drill requires the shooter to execute several critical skills, making it an excellent training tool as well as a gauge of one's abilities.

If you can get your first shot off within two seconds of the buzzer, and clean up the targets in under 8 seconds, I think you're doing pretty good. I recommend downloading a shooting timer app onto your cell phone, and filming your shooting so that you can critique your own performance. I practiced this drill for a while today and shot some video with a camera attached to my ear muffs. In the future I'll need to set up a tripod or something since this camera angle didn't pick up the details I was looking for.

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