Saturday, January 14, 2017

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond blew me away. We probably watch it about twice a day right now. The unfortunate side effect to obsessing over an awesome movie like this is that all the little inaccuracies become obvious. Like Spock and McCoy surviving through an explosive decompression and exposure to -455 degree outer space in a small spaceship which was designed for a mining robot to pilot but for some reason still has pressurized oxygen for them to breathe. Or, this little gem:

I'll admit that I haven't studied alien physiology as much as I should, but that looks like an unhealthy amount of v-tach.

If you are making a movie containing an EKG scene, please avail yourself of my services by emailing me at so I can help you keep these irritating inaccuracies from ruining your film for a tiny, tiny subset of a fraction of the population who is able to identify these rhythms and then cares if they are correct.

Despite all this, Star Trek Beyond is still a great movie. Buy it here:

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