Sunday, February 5, 2017

Heart Month Reader Submissions

It's heart month again! And the fourth anniversary of this blog. Someday I will write to you about my gruesome wicked and awesome night that occurred on the day I began chronicling bad EKGs, but I am not ready yet. Maybe in a couple more years.

To kick off heart month we have a couple reader submissions. Here is one from an anonymous reader who surmised that the roads in Laona, Wisconsin must be very bad, with lots of artifact:

This one comes from a NY Fire medic who ribbed me a bit for the conclusion I drew in my last posting bout this patch:

And finally, I found this piece of crap in the Goodwill health books section. I'm guessing its owner died after following the advice contained within this book, and his heirs went ahead and donated this and all his magnet therapy garbage for the tax write-off:

If you have a heart month reader submission to share, please email it to

I am also starting a project collecting pictures of good EKG tattoos. Please send your photos of your EKG tattoos (not pics you pulled off google please) to

Currently I am receiving two to three EKG consultation emails a week. I love it! If you need consultation on an EKG tattoo, if you have a piece of art or marketing containing an EKG that you wish to have checked for accuracy, or if you have any bad EKG related questions, don't hesitate to avail yourself of my free consulting services at If you appreciate my help, click on a couple ads or something at the bottom of the screen.

Thanks everyone for what you do,

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