Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Are you an adult? Or a weak, whimpering child?

In my post two days ago - The man with the biggest balls in America - I described the American Hero Stephen Willeford as a great man, but using rather unrefined terms. This is not an apology; I used the colloquial locker room language that every man on the planet would understand immediately to mean that Willeford demonstrated exceptional bravery and heroism in a situation that could very easily have lead to his immediate death.

Willeford has since denied his hero status. This is common and, I believe, healthy in individuals who have accomplished heroic feats. The usual answer, from someone we admire as a hero, is that they were just doing what they felt any person in their situation should do.

But not everyone chooses to do what any decent, adult person should in dangerous situations. Like the sniveling, pathetic man-child who took video of this Dallas police officer being murdered:

It's not fair to call this person (who stood idle in a position of wasted tactical superiority while recreationally filming another human getting murdered) the opposite of a man, because the opposite of a man is a woman, and the most beautiful, feminine women I have ever met carry firearms and would have rained a hail of death down upon that assailant. No, a person who chooses not to be armed and not to have the will or capability to defend life and liberty from the everpresent evil in this world, is a child. A weak, whimpering child who never grew up and still relies on mommy and daddy in varying forms for their safety and security.

I wage this unapologetic judgment against you: if you have not matured to the point that you are willing and able to accept the discomfort and responsibility of being an adult, capable of defending yourself and others from evil, then you are still a child. Part of that discomfort involves carrying and training with the tools required for your defense, whatever you estimate to be the most appropriate tools for your situation. I don't care if I lose friends over this. If we can't lay hard truths on each other then we were never friends to begin with, and we are both better off spending our time on other pursuits.

Thankfully life is synonymous with growth. If you make this honest assessment of yourself and determine that you are still exhibiting the immature, infantile, and weak characteristic of children, then you have the power and authority to begin growing beyond that stage of childhood right now. The maturation process is difficult and uncomfortable, and I will admit unashamedly that I struggle with this growth every day in some aspect of my life or another. If I'm doing this right, I expect to continue this process until the moment of my death. 

So, are you an adult? Are you prepared to repel evil when called upon by fate? Or are you still a weak, whimpering child?

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