Monday, November 6, 2017

The man with the biggest balls in America

Stephen Willeford: 
The Man With the Biggest Balls in America

Stephen Willeford has the biggest balls in America
On Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017, as the shitbag monster Devin Kelley murdered 27 unarmed people in a Christian church and wounded dozens more including toddlers, pregnant women, and grandmas, Stephen Willeford had a choice to make: he could cower underneath a windowsill and shoot cell phone video for his own personal glorification like so many of the weak, whimpering millennials I'm ashamed to call my peers would do; or he could be a man, grab his nut sack and his AR-15, and stop a murderous son of a bitch from harming anyone else.

In the words of Willeford's cousin - Ken Leonard - Willeford heard gun shots at his neighborhood church and went to work:
"Stephen went into his safe, grabbed his... AR... grabbed a handful of ammo and a magazine, and was running barefooted toward the shooting. He said he was loading the magazine as fast as he could; he didn't even know how many rounds he had put in the magazine. When he got there the guy had come outside and it seemed that to him that he was reloading outside, and he saw that the guy was wearing body armor, and there was a velcro strap from the back to the front, and he knew from that, that the man had front and back body armor, and that the vulnerable spot was gonna be in the side. And so that's where he shot him... 
"He, without armor and barefooted, ran into the fire, and put... his own life at risk, took return fire, and fired accurately three times. That's an amazing accomplishment..."
Stephen Willeford has the biggest balls of any man in America, except for perhaps Marcus Luttrell who is arguably a demigod and therefore would not be in the running. We will thankfully never know exactly how many lives Willeford saved yesterday, because the piece of human shit who murdered all those innocent unarmed people was put down like a rabid dog by Willeford and is now worm food.

Stephen Willeford is more of a man than you or I will ever be. My children will grow up knowing his name.

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