Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Heartbreaking Stupidity of Richard Wolffe's Guardian Editorial

Richard posing with his broken heart
I don't know anything about Richard Wolffe's background. From his editorial in the Guardian - The heartbreaking stupidity of America's gun laws - he strikes me as the kind of person who went to so much college that it began having a retarding affect on him, causing his ability to perceive reality to become... something more entertaining.

Wolffe made a number of intellectually dishonest statements based on factually unsupported assumptions in his opinion piece. Included are:
  1. "Prayers, sadly, did not save 26 churchgoers in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Just as they didn’t save nine lives at the Bible study group in Charleston, South Carolina, two years ago."
  2. "...Other countries are not awash with guns. So it’s that much harder for people suffering from mental health issues to gun down large numbers of their fellow citizens... Or take their own lives, which is by far the bigger killer with guns."
  3. Implying that armed citizen Stephen Willeford made no impact on the Nov 5. mass murder of churchgoers in Sutherland Springs, Texas, "According to the local sheriff, the gunman was only confronted by an armed civilian once he emerged from the church, after the massacre was completed. The mass murderer died by killing himself... Let’s please bury once and for all the storyline pushed so hard by the National Rifle Association, and echoed by Donald Trump. The only thing that stopped the bad guy with a gun was the bad guy with his own gun. The good guys were shot dead in their church pews."
I'll address these in order, starting with the allegation that prayer didn't save the murder victims. It in fact did save the murder victims. The Christian Bible that I, and those murdered churchgoers, know to be the truth makes no guarantee for our physical safety. It gives clear instructions for how to become saved spiritually by believing in Jesus Christ, and instructs us to buy weapons for our own personal protection (telling us to go so far as to sell our clothes if we can't otherwise afford a weapon). Wolffe's uneducated assumption is that if we pray to God He will do what exactly as we instruct. The Almighty Creator God does not behave as a puppet on a string. I can pray to Him and ask to live forever on the Earth in my current body and never become sick or die. The answer will almost certainly be "No."

Many other countries besides the United States are "awash with guns" and do in fact have higher murder and suicide rates per capita than the US. The award for the highest intentional homicide rate in the world goes to El Salvador at a rate of 108.64 per 100,000 humans. The United States' murder rate is multiples lower at 4.88 per 100,000. The deadliest mass murders in the world have been committed with explosives, chemical weapons, and airplanes  (the Rawandan genocide was perpetrated largely with machetes and clubs), and the deadliest mass shootings in the world have occurred outside of the United States in places where firearms are heavily restricted or illegal (Norway, France). I'm reasonably certain the terrorists who murdered 130 people in the 2015 Paris attacks didn't drop by Le Walmart to stock up on hand grenades and fully automatic AK-47s beforehand. Those items are illegal to own in France but for some reason the militant Islamic terrorists involved didn't seem to care.

The most recent World Health Organization numbers rank the United States at 48th in the world for suicide rate per capita, with 12.6 per 100,000. This is well behind other nations the gun grabbers glorify like Poland (18.5), Belgium (16.1), Japan (15.1), Finland (14.2), and Sweden (12.7). Clearly, the ability of law abiding citizens to purchase firearms does not directly correlate here.

As to Wolffe's allegations about Willeford's irrelevance in preventing further innocent deaths from occurring last Sunday, I can only conclude that a person capable of making remarks of such an unfortunate character & quality has gone to so much college for so long that he has inadvertently become retarded. There is no evidence to support the notion that the massacre was fully completed at the moment the murderer emerged from the church. The murderer still had a rifle in his hand and was reportedly shooting at neighbors who had come outside to see what was going on. Some news sources have reported that the murderer was in the process of taking a hostage when Willeford shot him. As far as anyone knows, the murderer could have been in the process of getting more ammunition from his vehicle and returning back inside to execute survivors. He could have planned to continue on to a secondary crime scene and kill more innocent people.

Willeford connected with two shots, causing the murderer to stop what he was doing, drop his rife, and flee the scene. The murderer called his father on the phone while running away, stating that he had been shot and didn't expect to survive. If any act is irrelevant here, it is the fact that the murderer committed suicide like a coward prior to being brought to justice or exsanguinating from his wounds. The facts demonstrably show that Willeford stopped a monster from hurting anyone else, which is a terribly inconvenient blow to the mainstream media narrative that normal members of the armed citizenry are incapable of stopping crimes. To argue that the scumbag church murderer stopped murdering people only coincidentally after being mortally wounded by an armed bystander is (to borrow a word from my new favorite editorial writer) stupid.

Richard Wolffe's problem is not a broken heart. He is in fact permanently and irreparably retarded, and higher education is likely to blame for his tragic yet comical ability to perceive real world events. Apparently Richard (also possibly known as Dick) did not get the memo:

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