Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Homeopathic Rabid Dog Saliva

Last week Breitbart reported that a Canadian medical predator used a homeopathic concoction of rabid dog saliva to treat a 4 year old child's bad temper, presumably under the pseudoscientific principle of "like cures like".

In all likelihood, the risk to the child was low. Rabies is a weak virus which doesn't survive outside of the body for long. The dilution was reportedly 200C which means - if mixed appropriately - it is impossible there were any molecules of the original substance remaining in the final product. However, I must question the competency of any parent or alleged health care practitioner who 1) believes in homeopathy, and 2) would even remotely risk infecting a toddler with rabies through improper preparation of the homeopathic solution.

Poor controls on homeopathic remedies have possibly killed children in the past, according to the FDA. Why would any reasonable human risk murdering a child with a deadly poison or disease during the prep of an alleged medication which has no chance of curing anyone of any ailment anyway?

Homeopathy is predatory pseudoscience and should be regulated out of existence. And, if you don't agree with me, drink my piss

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