Friday, April 27, 2018

Mock DUIs are still lies (and you are still a liar)

 Here we are in the thick of prom season, and the mock driving under the influence (DUI) high school snuff shows are in full swing. I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind everyone in the public safety professions that you are still lying to children, and that it's still unethical. You can read my original post about this here: Reefer Madness.

Yesterday an educator with over two decades of experience commented this on my original reefer madness post:
Great argument against this type of "education". As a teacher of 23 years in two different school districts in a fairly rural area, I see another side to this not being effective. Simply put, when kids see this year after year it just becomes entertainment and another reason to get out of class. My current school only does it for Juniors & Seniors every two years, but the results are the same: kids standing around oohhhing and ahhhhing, pointing and snickering, non of them believing any of it would ever happen to them. Over 23 years of my career, I've seen far too many kids die from alcohol poisoning or wrecks and many from out right suicide. Even those events only change the rest of the student body for a brief time. Then they become "invincible" again. Thank you for your post.
I feel vindicated knowing that I'm not the only lone voice shouting into the wilderness about how useless and stupid these mock DUI demonstrations are. Here is my reply to the above comment:
Thank you, sir. I appreciate your comment from your perspective as an educator. Your observations are consistent with mine: mock DUIs are an entertainment novelty for the students. It's an exciting activity for the drama kids, and a fun excuse for the rest to get out of class for an afternoon. Students love mock DUIs, and every year they ask for more.

It seems really sick to me that a group of people would so emphatically desire to be lied to, and insist annually on being lied to more. It further disturbs me that so many adults, including those in the public safety professions, have no ethical hangups with lying to children as a means of attempted education.

I wonder how many people would agree with implementing a sex education program wherein young men are taught that the vagina is filled with flesh dissolving acid and razor sharp teeth. This message would be just as ethical and truthful as the message of the Every 15 Minutes program, and I'm sure have a great impact on reducing teen pregnancy rates.

Read more about this modern day Reefer Madness by clicking here.

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