Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tiny Baseball Bats: Advice of the Galactically Stupid

From Breitbart: In their own version of super hero capes for unemployed job seekers, the Millcreek School District in Pennsylvania has spent $1,800 (one thousand and eight hundred dollars) to arm all  its 500 teachers with tiny, 16" baseball bats to be used as fighting weapons against school shooters (eerily reminiscent of my personal experience with government agencies issuing questionable self defense weapons). 

"Thank you for playing 'should we or should we not follow the advice of the galactically stupid.'"

Planning to use a miniature baseball bat to counter-assault a school shooter is galactically stupid. As an improvised weapon when nothing else is available, okay, whatever, go for it Rambo. But as an affirmative plan for the security of a school and the vulnerable young students inside, parents should really be questioning the sanity of the people they're entrusting with the safety of their children for so many hours each weekday, as the decision making process to arrive at the conclusion to arm up with tiny baseball bats to combat a mass murderer with a rifle represents such a significant cognitive impairment that the individuals responsible for this idea should not be trusted to make other decisions without competent supervision. I would not even trust such a person to decide which side of their toast to butter without risking grave injury to himself and innocent bystanders.

If the tiny bats were simply symbolic of their resolve to fight terrorists and grievance killers, as  has been alleged, then the taxpayers in that district should be asking if that gesture was really worth over two weeks pay for a low wage earner to fund. The district should follow up their symbolic gesture with some kind of meaningful action such as removing any obstacles from the ability of law-abiding, competent adults to carry their own firearms onto the school campus. That single act would have the greatest benefit to school security whole costing the district significantly less than arming all teachers with novelty baseball toys.

There's else something I've been wondering about lately: if one of the big concerns about armed teachers is that they will all become racists and begin shooting black students, why then is it acceptable then to arm them with sticks and stones? If teachers are all such potential hair-trigger violent bigots, are districts then endorsing the stoning and beating of minority students?

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