Wednesday, July 25, 2018

ICEy Cold Irony

PORTLAND, ORE. - In a customarily ironic display of liberal progressive cognitive dissonance, protestors against Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) have erected a makeshift border wall around their homeless reenactment camp in response to eviction notices from the Portland Police.


Photos by Andy Ngo

Yes, that's right. The very same militant leftists, who have viciously and violently opposed President Donald Trump's proposal to secure our borders with an adequately constructed wall, have now attempted to protect their Dignity Village mirror with.... A wall.

The Daily Caller

Cognitive dissonance (the pathological ability to hold two or more conflicting beliefs) is a pillar of liberal progressivism. Exempli gratia: a border wall is hostile and inhumane, except when expediently erected around an illegal urban encampment, and except when constructed to protect former president Barack Obama's new home; guns and police are evil, therefore only the police should have guns; carbon emissions should be regulated and restricted, except for Al Gore's private jet; executing the most evil criminals following conviction by due process is wrong, but aborting innocent and defenseless babies in the womb is good; communism and socialism are ideal economic policies, except when actual homeless people (who were not participating in working toward the communal effort) tried to eat communal meals at the Occupy Wall Street protest; etc. etc. etc....... 

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