Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Spyderco Byrd EMS Rescue Knife (Coupon Edition)

Spyderco Byrd EMS Rescue Knife

I'm sitting out on my porch this evening enjoying the summer night, watching a swarm of insects attempting victory over my bug zapper through attrition, and reflecting on the fact that I lost my Spyderco Byrd knife in the woods last week while cutting firewood. 

Thankfully, the Spyderco Byrd "Cara" Rescue knife is an amazing pocket knife at a very low price, so I can afford to be an idiot and clip it onto the wrong pocket while humping logs across the landscape. Amazon is now running a 47 cent coupon on top of an already incredible deal, and I ordered the orange one today. Orange, being the most fantastic color given to man by God. 

I previously wrote about this model of Spyderco knife here. Buy this knife!

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