Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Code is free speech

Among so many liberal soldiers wringing their hands and wetting their beds in fabricated rage, assigning hyperbolic, magical carnage dealing properties to Cody Wilson's single shot 3D printed Liberator pistol, another organization has bravely decided to flout the unconstituonal orders of a few anti-freedom extremist judges, and begin posting plans for 3D printed firearms. 

With all of the talk lately of fascism in the United States, I am hard pressed to think of a more clear example of fascism than the futile attempts of judges to abridge our free speech and free exchange of ideas, in a violation of our natural rights, granted to us by God, and enumerated within our Constitution. 

If you value liberty, even if you have no interest in ever buying a 3D printer or building a firearm at home, make a stand for freedom by visiting, and downloading their freely available 3D printer gun blueprints. 

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