Thursday, September 19, 2019

Mixed Drinks for Medics: DIY Gin


As an emergency services professional you need two things to be successful: 

1) Lots of alcohol off duty.
2) Distractions. Non-work related self improvement activities so that it doesn't feel like you're working in your own grave (even though you really are).

My wonderful wife figured this out for me long before I did, and bought me a reloading setup a few years back. Then, this last Christmas she gave me a gin making kit. This is perfect because it satisfies both of the above listed categories for success. 

Gin is simply ethanol infused with various botanicals, with the main ingredient being juniper berries. It's settled science that gin is the best liquor for mixed drinks. You can make your own compound gin by starting with your favorite vodka (Old Boise), adding juniper berries, and then whatever else you prefer. 

Through intensive alcohol research I have settled upon a simple and delicious gin recipe, which I will now share with the world.

Per 375 ml of vodka:
- 2 or 3 tsp juniper berries depending on preference
- 2 tsp cacao nibs
- 1/8 tsp coriander
- 1/8 tsp grains of paradise
- 1/8 tsp rosemary

Crush the ingredients in a mortar & pestle, then infuse into the vodka for 24 hours. The compound gin should be hay color to amber color when done. Coarse filter out the solid ingredients, and sip it straight or use to mix any gin cocktail. 

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